Providing customer acquisition solutions to hundreds of major direct marketers including magazines, newspapers, catalogers, non-profits, financial and insurance and more. 

Reach Consumers

Dunn Data Consumer Data Division

We offer the largest consumer transaction-based databases on the market.  Our unique data aggregation methodology provides customer acquisition solutions to over 150 major direct marketers. Clients include publishers, catalogers, non-profit org.s, financial and insurance companies and most major data companies.. 


Product offerings include:

  • New Customer Acquisition – email, postal, or mobile sources, either modeled or through direct selections of markets.
  • Current Customer data profile analysis.
  • Market Modeling
  • Customer Retention analysis
  • Data Licensing
  • Data Monetization
  • Data Reselling


Two Unique Database Sources:


MarketShare – 100 million direct response buyers

With Over 100 unique participants, MarketShare is multi-sourced by confirmed mail order buyers with demographic, psychographic and lifestyle interest selections. Our purchasing behavior information, accumulated over the past ten years, is the largest resource of its kind. MarketShare data is matched and scrubbed to insure accuracy and current demographic data is added to bring you the most data-rich marketing resource available today.    


Uses for the data:

  • Prospect marketing postal and email campaigns, over 150 selections available.
  • Become a participant and add revenue to your bottom line – we offer the most generous revenue share model out there. 
  • Retention Solutions – Let us profile your current customers and create a retention model to encourage repeat business.


Consumer Passion Index

CPI is the first Multi-Dimensional Lifestyle Database identifying interests by purchase and survey data from multiple channels. This sets CPI apart from other lifestyle databases, who rely solely on survey data. CPI identifies the “passion” of consumers through purchasing decisions and actions with our proprietary modeling and indexing system.


Uses for the data:

  • Resellers can private label CPI and create your own revenue stream from this unique and high performing database.
  • Licensing is available to Agencies, Fulfillment Companies, end users at a fraction of the cost of the “big name” companies.
  • Enhancement – Use CPI to enhance your client’s customer files for analysis or list rental revenue growth. 




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Shari Cagan Lidsky

Vice President Consumer Sales

Dunn Data Company