Dunn Data Company, originally founded as Mal Dunn Advertising on Madison Avenue in 1972,
was the first company to combine customer activity data from multiple sources for direct
marketing applications. We did not horde this technological breakthrough (at the time): rather
both Mal and Steve Dunn lectured at many venues on the advantages of combining data
sources using computers, logic, and algorithms to increase both best customer analytics and
new customer targeting for increased ROI. Mal Dunn, our original founder and the person that
originated the direct marketing divisions at BBD&O and Olgilvy), firmly believed that the open
sharing of direct marketing craft and technology was good for everyone – clients and
competitors alike – and we have held to that belief (unheard-of at the time). Dunn Data
continues to partner with its fellow data companies in an open and honest way.
Today, the blending of data from multiple sources and channels has become the norm,
yet marketers continue to struggle to optimize the opportunities available to them. On the one
side, there is just too much out there to sort out, and on the other side, there are too many
overpowering methodologies to ignore, such as Google Search and ads on Facebook.
The Post Office, now termed “snail mail” – originally the most reliable way to reach a
specific, targeted individual at a measurable cost – actually has comparable volume in mail
delivery compared to days of yore, largely due to package delivery from online sales. Despite a
major shift in media buying habits, reports indicate that direct mail solicitations continue to
produce better returns than other media for mail order companies. This isn’t generally
believed, but factually true.
Here at Dunn Data, we have followed the various ricochets of marketing media practices,
endeavoring to stay ahead of the curve while at the same time preserving marketing data
fundamentals that are often lost or even unknown to evolving technologies. Everything Euclid
and Pythagoras said still holds true, after all.
Therefore, the marketing dataset at Dunn Data follows three channels but caches
meaningful marketing data points in a core individual name and address file. Your name and
address is who you are and where you live. Your various email addresses and whoever you
share them with, your social handles and your hand-held devices and phone numbers are ways
to reach you (or see where you are, unfortunately for some), but tell you little else about you
and are subject to change without notice.
Dunn Data combines, sorts and attaches 372 data points to its core name address file.
These include full demographics, purchasing behavior (source, product, and RFM), and lifestyle
profiles scored by the level of intensity (I love golf but haven’t played in a year, so I’m only a 2, for
Dunn Data then matches that critical marketing data to the other channels: 1/2 billion
emails tied to name and address and 450 million phone devices tied to those same names and
addresses. The email and phone partitions carry their own meaningful segmentation (URLs,
Date stamps, Carriers, etc.) and the marketing dataset can flow into either channel. Everything
is tied to a name and home address. We are now working on building up social handles and
device ids as additional matches and attachments in preparation for the marketing industry to
be ready to use them appropriately.

All of our marketing data has been on-boarded through a partnering company and
available for online ad display. We can model in-house or assist your modelers on how to apply
our marketing data in the most effective ways, both on and off-line.
Our marketing data sources are various and discrete, but include mail order,
subscription, retail, online and compiled records from major, reputable companies that are all
completely compliant with data gathering and distribution laws and industry guidelines.
Dunn Data has critical mass in market reach and meaningful data for most market
verticals. Perhaps more importantly, we have 47 years of experience on how to gather and
apply meaningful marketing data, and our approach to clients, partners, and even competitors is
to work together for the best solutions for mutual prosperity.
Check in with us soon for more specific tutorials on the gathering and applications of
meaningful marketing data, or contact us with any questions you may have.
Steve Dunn