Our team

Steve Dunn
Steve Dunn
Chief Executive Officer

My Company, Dunn Data emerged from a 30-year-old business founded by my father and direct marketing innovator, Mal Dunn. We focus on being the leader in database aggregation and sales in both BTC and B2B. Keeping up with the times, we recently launched, Wink Mobile to tackle the rapidly growing Mobile Advertising world.

Jennifer Schmidt
Director of Sales, Marketing and Production

With over 20 years experience, Jennifer is our sales leader providing clients success within the data sector.

Jeffrey Weiner
Vice President-Buisness Development/Client Partnerships

VP Business Development-Dunn Data/Industry Leader, with over 30 years of sales/marketing experience. Involved in the development of new license opportunities in the database universe. Enhancing and improving the ROI dollars spent by marketing and advertising enterprises in all areas of media. Inclusive of all offline and online spends.

Marketing Data Intelligence
Ellen King
Chief Analyst

Chief Analyst with over 30 years of marketing technology experience.

Marketing Data Intelligence
Rosy Faver
Chief Operations Officer

Rosy Faver has 25 years of managing Dunn Data.

Marketing Data Intelligence
Sara Blair
Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration

Over 23 years of Financial Management